Important! Starting from Monday 24th April, there will a charge of £1.50 per cheque cashed at the Post Office

The Co-operative Bank informed us yesterday (18th April) that starting from 19th April, the Post Office will charge us £1.50 for each cheque they process.

Since we are a not-for-profit organisation, as much as we would like to, we cannot subsidise this fee. Therefore, starting from Monday 24th April, whenever you cash a cheque at the Post Office, we will have to deduct £1.50 from your account. That means that if you were to request a cheque of £10, you would receive a cheque for only £8.50.

To avoid this fee, we can offer you two alternatives to collect your money:

  • We can transfer your money straight into your bank account
  • You can sign up for an Engage card which we can then preload with your money

We strongly recommend you choose one of these alternative methods to avoid having to pay to cash a cheque.

What will happen before 24th April?

  • We will pay the charge for cashing the cheque for you until 24th April.
  • If you have multiple cheques waiting to be collected at our office, we will combine them into one bigger cheque and pay the charge for one cheque.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. But we do not make this rule. We can only inform you of the changes.

Thank you.

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