Your Children Can Become Smarter by Joining In our Junior Saver Scheme

Over the last 2 years, our Junior Saver Scheme (JSS) has grown significantly both in the amount of saving and the number of schools participating.

If you don’t know what Junior Saver Scheme is, find out here.

So, how does this scheme help your children?

  • Since JSS teaches children to save money systematically, your kids will develop good money handling habit early on. This means they will be more likely to have a financially comfortable life as adults. Since students as young as nursery year can join, this money skill will be embedded right from the start.
  • Since they will have a chance to work alongside responsible adults, they will learn to organise different things outside of school work.
  • They will learn to cooperate with others, thereby increasing their social skills.
  • Learning to be sensible with money will spill over into other areas of their life helping them become more responsible people all round.
  • They can save up for any important personal events in their life such as Christmas, Birthday and even school trips. This means they can buy the things they want themselves rather than having to rely on parents all the time.

We now have 23 schools actively participating in our JSS and more waiting to join. Ours is now the second largest junior saver scheme in the whole country.

Interested? Talk to your school about participating, or come and have a chat with us.

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